Criteria – test ABACUS Criteria fulfilled?
Does the focus be on the student? Yes. The lessons and its duration are adapted to the needs of the singular student. ok
Is the private teaching flexible? Yes. The number of the lessons can be adjusted according to the necessity of the student. Either more or less. There is also the possibility to change the subject, if there is the urgent need to practice for another subject. ok
If necessary, is a teacher allowed to teach more than one subject? Yes. In cases when a students needs e.g. private teaching in English and in German, the parents can decide, according to the situation, where the focus for the private teaching must be laid. ok
Given an improvement at school, is it possible to reduce the number of the lesson? Yes. If you arranged at e.g. two lessons a week and your child improves already after a short period of time, it is possible to reduce the number of the lessons. ok
Is it possible to stop the private teaching in cases of an early improvement? Yes. These kinds of dismissals are the ones ABACUS is most glad about. For this reason ABACUS has a recommendation rate of up to 60%! ok