Criteria – Test ABACUS Criteria fulfilled?
Does the teacher come at my home or do I always have to bring my children at different spots? The ABACUS teacher comes to an agreed hour to the student´s home. ok
Is it possible to arrange the private teaching hours considering other appointments (gym, music etc.)? Yes. The student doesn´t have to neglect his or her favorite activities. The appointments for the private teaching lessons can be arranged directly with the teacher. ok
Is it possible to recuperate the cancelled lessons? Yes. Lessons that have been cancelled in time can be recuperated during the whole term.   Nein. Rechtzeitig abgesagte
Stunden werden innerhalb der
Laufzeit nachgeholt. ok
When is it possible to begin the private teaching? Within a couple of days. ok
Is there a minimum of the  lessons that should be taken? No. The duration of the teaching lesson is based upon the needs of the student. ok
Are the lessons ensured even if e.g. the teacher is ill? Yes. In case of need ABACUS ABACUS provides for a substitute teacher as quick as possible. ok
Which informations are there regarding the private teaching institute? Homepage: