Criteria- Test ABACUS Criteria fulfilled?
Which grade did you achieve with the help of the private teaching lessons? ABACUS private teaching lessons led in 98% of the cases to a 74% improvement of the grades or a stabilization of the grades. An insecure 4 will turn e.g. in a stable 4 (24%).
49,1% of our student improved of one grade, 21,8% improved of two grades, 2,7% improvemed of three grades and 0,3% of four grades. ok
Evaluation: How was the technical evaluation of our teachers? 95,8% of the surveyed parents think that the ABACUS teachers are technically very competent. ok
Evaluation: How was the evaluation of the personal skills of our teachers? 93,8% of the surveyed parents confirmed that the “ABACUS teacher is the right for them.” ok
How long does it take to success on average? 5 months on average. ok
Are there any reports on experiences of other parents or other evaluations? Yes. On the ABACUS Homepage  you can find original copies of opinions and evaluation of other parents. ok