Criteria Test ABACUS Criteria fulfilled?
Does the private teaching institute have a successful, tested concept? Yes. ABACUS gives exclusively private and individual teaching lessons at the home of the student, since 1992. ok
How are the lessons structured? Flexible or according to a rigid concept? Due to the intensive single support it is possible to focus the whole lesson on the single student. ok
Do we choose a teacher who is the most adapted to the student? Yes. One of ABACUS` selection criteria of the teacher is the “good vibe” between teacher and student. ok
Do you have the chance to talk to the teacher after every lesson? The constant contact between parents and teacher is another point of success. ok
Do you practice learning? Wird das Lernen geübt
(help to help themselves)? Private teaching lessons should not become a constant measure but something that should become superfluous by itself. Therefore the learning techniques will basis for a further success at school. ok
Does you child have the opportunity to get additional material, e.g. sample tests, coaching books? ABACUS has a large collection of sample tests including solutions. In order to practice exam situations. ok
How long does ABACUS exist? ABACUS exists since 1992. Around 30000 students are being supported through our individual private teaching lessons at home annually. ok